Personal Information
name Francis Langfitt
born 1748 in Ireland
married Before 1777 to Embly unknown
died 1840
Military Service
war fought in American Revolution
enlisted 5/1777
regiment 11th Virginia Regiment
rank Sergeant
discharged 5/1/1780

Francis joined the 11th Virginia Regiment for pay of 2 pounds, 8 shillings per month in May of 1777. He served as a Sergeant in Captain Charles Gallahue’s Company, 11th Virginia Regiment of Continental Troops, commanded by Colonel Daniel Morgan.

In January of 1778, Francis took a furlough, presumably to be home when his child was born. His son, Jarvis Langford, was born 1/25/1778 in Maryland.

At this point, things become unclear. In June 1778, he is listed as sick in Virginia; however, in April 1778 he is listed as a deserter. One might consider that Francis was not able to make his way back to his regiment. He enlisted on 5/1/1778 in Captains John Craig and George Gray’s Company, Colonel Stephen Moylan’s 4th Regiment of Continental Dragoons. This act would not appear to support a desertion.

The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783; officially ending the America Revolution.