Personal Information
name Clark Alonza Suggs
born 11/12/1841 in Georgia
married 11/19/1871 to Mary Louise Langford
died 06/06/1885
Military Service
war fought in Civil War
enlisted 9/25/1862
regiment Company A, 14th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry
rank Private
discharged 1864

Clark was recruited by Lieutenant Miller from a conscript camp at Enterprise, Mississippi on 9/25/1862. He was enlisted as a private in Company A, 14th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry headed by Captain Doss.

On 12/03/1862, he was captured in Oxford, Mississippi. He was transferred to a military prison in Alton, Illinois and received on 01/10/1863. Clark was admitted into the prison hospital at Alton, Illinois for varioloid on 2/7/1863. He was released on 05/12/1863. Clark was again admitted into the prison hospital at Alton, Illinois – this time for colic on 05/15/1863. He was released on 5/18/1863. Note : there are 2 types of colic (biliary colic – gallstones, renal colic – kidney stones). It is unclear from the records which one Clark had. Clark was released on 06/12/1863 and apparently returned to his regiment.

The NARA records show Clark captured in either Chattahoochee or Marietta, depending on which “card” is looked at. Since there is no city in Georgia named Chattahoochee, but rather a river; let us assume that Clark was captured along the Chattahoochee River near the city of Marietta, Georgia on 07/05/1864. He was captured by forces under Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman. He was then brought to Nashville, Tennessee and subsequently transferred to a military prison in Louisville, Kentucky and received on 07/14/1864. On 07/17/1864, Clark was transferred to Camp Douglas in Chicago, Illinois.

Clark applied for oath of allegiance November 1864. He claims to have been loyal, and was conscripted in the rebel army. He deserted to avail himself of the amnesty proclamation.

While at Camp Douglas, Clark was mustered into the 6th US Volunteer Infantry on 04/02/1865. The War of the Rebellion was officially over on 04/09/1865 when Lee surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia.